• What bike shop near me has the SE bike that I’m looking for?

    The quickest way to find the bike you want is to go to the product listing for that bike and under the “Find It Locally” tab and put in your location. This will show dealers who are near you that potentially have the bike in stock, which you may be able to reserve or buy directly from the SE website. If the dealer does not have the bike in stock, SE might! If SE has the bike in stock you can purchase it directly on and have it shipped to your home. Or, if a dealer participates in our "Ship To Store" program, you can buy the bike from through the “Buy It Locally” button and have it shipped to your local dealer where they will assemble the bike and have it ready for you to pick up in a few days.

    Find a Dealer
  • Will you ship a bike to my house?

    Totally! If the bike is in stock, just choose our “Buy it Now” button to have the bike shipped to your home partially assembled in a box. We have assembly videos to walk you through the final assembly of your bike when you receive it. If you aren’t comfortable working on, or assembling a bike, we suggest you take it to your local bike shop and have a professional bike mechanic assemble the bike. Rates vary by shop to build a partially assembled bike from a box. 

  • When is the bike that I ordered through “Buy It Locally” going to be ready for pickup at my bike local bike shop?

    If you selected to “Reserve Online and Pickup In Store” from a shop’s inventory, you will typically get notified within 1-2 business days that your bike is ready for pickup. 

    If you selected to “Buy Online and Pickup In Store” from a shop’s inventory, you will typically get notified within 1-2 business days that your bike is ready for pick up.

    If you selected a “Ship To Store” transaction from SE’s warehouse to your local dealer, you will typically get notified within 7-10 business days that your bike is ready for pick up. 

  • I ordered a bike to ship to my house. When can I expect it to be delivered?

    Orders placed on for direct shipment to your home typically ship within 24 hours of your order going through. All of our orders ship from the East Coast, so 24 hours + shipping time from the East Coast to your home is when you can expect delivery of your order. 

  • When will a certain bike be in stock?

    We have bikes arriving all the time. The best way to stay up to date on all things SE is to sign up for our mailing list and follow @sebikes on social media.

  • When is the next model of a certain SE bike coming out?

    We have new models and colorways arriving all the time. The best way to stay up to date on all things SE is to sign up for our mailing list and follow @sebikes on social media.

  • Where can I buy parts for my SE bike?

    All of our bikes, parts, and accessories are available on our website and through our network of dealers across the globe.

  • I want to make some changes to my SE bike. How can I tell if my new parts will work correctly?

    You can drop us a line at and we’ll typically be able to let you know if something will work. Additionally, you can drop by your local bike shop and discuss with them if a specific part will work with your SE bike. 

  • Will a 2.5” tire fit on my bike?

    Oftentimes, a wider tire will indeed fit on your bike. However, we cannot recommend any tires wider than the tire that was originally spec’d on the bike. There are too many variables at play, such as where the wheel sits in the dropout, how much air pressure is in the tire, how old the tire is, and the design of the tire. So, if you want to put a wider tire on your bike, only you or your local dealer can check to see if it fits.

  • Can I put pegs on my SE bike?

    We only recommend using pegs on SE bikes that were originally equipped with pegs. Using pegs on SE bikes that did not originally come with them may void your warranty.

  • What’s the paint code for my bike? And can you send me touch-up paint?

    It’s best to take your bike to your local hobby shop to find paint that closest matches your bike. Due to environmental issues, we cannot send out touch-up paint.

  • Where can I get an SE jersey or uniform?

    The SE jerseys can be purchased through our website or through your local SE dealer. If you’re looking for a complete custom SE uniform with your name on it, these are currently available through Potter Racing Products.


  • What should I do if my bike is not working correctly?

    Proper maintenance is incredibly important for the longevity of your bike! Make sure to keep all nuts, bolts, and bearings greased, and periodically check and tighten all nuts and bolts properly. Your bike is a machine. It needs to be looked after with tender loving care. Like a car, it will need tune-ups from time to time. If you notice an unusual sound or a loose part, STOP RIDING! Tighten or fix the part immediately or your neglect could ruin it. If you are unsure how to fix an issue with your bike, or if you would like to have it looked over by a professional, take it to your local bike shop and have them check it out. They will be happy to get your bike running in tip-top shape.

  • Will the owner's manual help me repair my bike?

    Owner’s manuals are generic by necessity. If you need specific maintenance advice, ask your local bike shop if they provide seminars on bike maintenance. There are books about bike maintenance available, and many internet sites dedicated to the topic.

  • Who should I contact with a technical question about my SE bike?

    Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to answer any technical questions you have regarding your SE bike. You can also go to your local SE dealer with technical questions about your SE bike. 

  • I think I have a warranty issue with my bike.

    If you purchased your bike through your local SE dealer, they will be glad to help and will contact SE to help solve the issue. The dealer will inspect your bike for defects in materials or workmanship. If it is a valid warranty claim, the dealer will contact our Technical Service department and we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

    If you purchased your SE bike from and had the bike shipped directly to your home, please contact and we will work with you to determine if you have a potential warranty claim. 

    You must have a copy of your receipt or invoice that proves you are the original owner of the SE product purchased from an authorized SE dealer or If you are outside of the USA, please contact your local distributor or the authorized SE representative for your country.

  • New Bike Warranty – Shipping Damage

    If you purchased a bike from and there is damage from shipping, please contact and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue. 

    If you purchased a bike from one of our online retail partners and there is damage from shipping, please contact the online retailer you purchased the bike from to resolve the issue.


  • Where is the limited-edition serial number located on my bike?

  • When applicable, it is located on the inside of the rear dropout (the part of the frame that the rear wheel slides into).

  • Why is my limited-edition bike numbered 263? I thought there were only 250 made.

    All of our limited-edition bikes are available worldwide. In the USA, there may be only 250 available. However, there may be 40 more that were ordered by our international distributors around the world. There is never any guarantee that the first bikes numbered 1-250 will come to the USA.

  • I am looking for specs for an older model SE bike. Do you have them?

    Check out the SE ARCHIVES page for photos and complete specs for all bikes since 2006. We do not have detailed specs available for any bikes prior to 2006.

  • I have an old SE bike from the ‘80s. Can you help me date my bike and tell me how much it is worth?

    Our records do not date back to the ‘80s or ‘90s. If you want the best guess/estimate of the year of production, you can hunt around on sites like BMX MUSEUMBMX SOCIETY, and VINTAGE BMX. You can post photos of your bike and ask around in the forums. As far as how much your bike is worth – it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Explore the websites listed above and you may find somebody who is looking for the exact bike that you have.

  • Why don’t you make replacement decals for my bike?

    With so many different models and different colors in the SE line, it’s impossible for us to stock replacement decals for all of our bikes. However, for some of our most popular models, we do have replacement decals in multiple colors.

  • I'm restoring my 1980’s SE bike. I want to put on the same style of classic stickers that were on the bike decades ago. Do you have any of these laying around?

    We sold out of our original frame decals many moons ago. Some first- and second-generation reproduction decals are available through BMX Products.


  • Can you sponsor me? Can you repost my picture? Can you give me a free bike?

    We would love to get the whole world on SE bikes, but if we gave all of our bikes away, we’d go out of business. We do sponsor select riders, repost rad photos, and sometimes give away free bikes and parts. We are part of the community. We are everywhere. Just keep doing your thing and if you are doing everything right, good things will come.


  • Which size bike fits me?

    We have some suggested sizes listed below and more detailed geometry charts listed on the pages for individual bike models on our website. However, these are just general reference starting points as it’s not uncommon for two riders of the same height to ride different size bikes. The best way to be sure is to swing by your local SE dealer, ask questions, and try different models.

    Suggested Rider Sizes Model Wheel Size Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Monster Ripper 29"+ Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Monster Quad 29"+ Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Big Ripper 29" Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+)
    Big Ripper HD 29" Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Dblocks Big Ripper 29" Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Fast Ripper 29" Retro Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) Big Flyer 29" Bike Life Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+)
    Big Flyer HD 29" Bike Life Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) OM-Duro XL 27.5"+ Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Beast Mode Ripper 27.5"+ Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) OM-Duro 27.5"+ Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Maniacc Flyer 27.5"+ Bike Life Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Perry Kramer PK Ripper 27.5 27.5" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+)
    Killer Quad 27.5" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+)
    Savage Flyer 27.5" Bike Life Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Fat Ripper 26" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+)
    Fat Quad 26" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) DJ Ripper 26" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) DJ Ripper HD 26" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) OM Flyer 26" Retro Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Blocks Flyer 26" Bike Life Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) So Cal Flyer 24" Bike Life Series
    5'3"+ (160cm+) Gaudium 20" Dirt/Street/Park
    5'3" - 5'10" (160-178cm)
    PK Ripper Looptail
    20" Retro Series
    5'3" - 5'10" (160-178cm)
    Quadangle Looptail 20"
    Retro Series
    5'+ (152cm+) Hoodrich 20" Dirt/Street/Park
    4'8" - 5'5" (142-165cm) Everyday 20" Dirt/Street/Park
    4'8" - 5'5" (142-165cm) Ripper 20" Bike Life Series
    4'4" - 5' (132-152cm) Wildman 20" Dirt/Street/Park
    3'8"- 4'8" (111-142cm) Bronco 20" 20" Kids Series
    Under 5' (Under 152cm) LiL' Ripper 16" Retro Series
    Under 5' (Under 152cm) LiL' Flyer 16" Bike Life Series
    34" - 44" (Ages 4-8) Bronco 16" 16" Kids Series
    28" - 40" (Ages 3-5) Bronco 12" 12" Kids Series
    26" - 34" (Ages 2-4) Micro Ripper 12" 12" Kids Series
    5'5"+ (165cm+) PK Ripper Super Elite XL 20" Elite Race Series
    5'4"+ (162cm+) Floval Flyer 24" Elite Race Series
    5'3" - 5'10" (160-178cm) PK Ripper Super Elite 20" Elite Race Series
    4'6" - 5'3" (137-160cm) Ripper X 20" Elite Race Series
    4'3" - 4'10" (130-148cm) Ripper Jr 20" Elite Race Series
    3'6" - 4'4" (107-132cm) Mini Ripper 20" Elite Race Series
    5'7"+ (170cm+) PK Ripper Super Elite XXL 20" Framesets
    5'5"+ (165cm+) PK Ripper Super Elite XL 20" Framesets
    5'6"+ (168cm+) Floval Flyer XL 24" 24" Framesets
    5'4"+ (162cm+) Floval Flyer 24" 24" Framesets
    5'3" - 5'10" (160-178cm) PK Ripper Super Elite 20" Framesets
    5'11" - 6'3" (178-185cm) Lager 58cm 700c Urban Series
    5'6" - 6' (168-180cm) Lager 55cm 700c Urban Series
    5'4" - 5'7" (163-170cm) Lager 52cm 700c Urban Series
    5'2" - 5'5" (158-165cm) Lager 49cm 700c Urban Series

If your question has not been answered by these FAQs, please email